Let’s face it, western culture tends to place more emphasis and value on knowledge (information memorized by the head) than it does with wisdom (a deeper knowing in the heart). In fact, many people cultivate their self-esteem by how “smart” they are. But knowledge becomes outdated as new information is discovered. And its accuracy can belimited by many factors. I’m not knocking knowledge, but it’s smaller than wisdom. Wisdom is vast, not always “rational” from the perspective of the intellect, and is centered in the heart rather than the head. Step out of the small box that knowledge lives in, and into the vast infinite YOU where wisdom resides, and you will never be confused about anything again.

All of the answers that you need to know are located there.

The necklace contains Jasper (protective, emotionally calming, provides a feeling of safety through changes, patience, and green jaspers are connected to the heart chakra); Turquoise (a stone about wholeness, deep wisdom that comes from the integration of the totality of your life experiences, truth, powerful healing, known as a Master Healer stone); and Smokey Quartz (one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones, helping to ground spiritual energy into the physical plane, it can clear large amounts of negative energy, pulling it in, and transmuting it, grounding it into the earth – a wonderful tool for someone who feels overwhelmed by the energy in their environment, and also for people who work a lot on a computer, or in areas with excessive electromagnetic fields). There is a mix of copper (an extremely powerful energy conductor), and sterling silver nuggets, twisted rings, daisy spacers, and a large criss-cross patterned hook and eye clasp.

Including the clasp, the inner strand is 20.75 inches, and the outer strand is 22.5 inches.