A lot of people associate walking a healing path with doing service in the world, healing the world with outer deeds. While that is part of it, the FIRST step in walking a healing path is “healer heal thyself.” Before any of us can make a true and lasting difference in the world, we must have the courage look not only look within, but heal the wounds we find there. That’s tough work. It’s easier to do nice things for people! But if the energy you carry around in your very Being is the energy of pain, anger, and fragmented self…. well, that’s the energy you’re putting out there, no matter what action you’re taking. All of your actions are infused with it, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

The necklace contains a delicate sterling silver chain, a ss clasp, and ss spacers; tiny nuggets of fine-grade Hill Tribe silver; and 2 small sterling silver mirror balls that represent your light shining into the world. The gemstones are Turquoise (a stone about wholeness, deep wisdom that comes from the integration of the totality of your life experiences, truth, powerful healing); Malachite (strength and balance, encourages adventure – it’s a “Stone of Transformation,” assisting one in changing situations and providing for spiritual growth – it’s healing on both physical and emotional levels, and stimulates Life Force energy); and Lapis Lazuli (the “stone of kings and queens” which helps to connect to your spiritual guidance and your intuitive capacity, and aids in the opening of the third eye).

Heal your own issues, and the very act of doing THAT heals the world more than you know. Do your own internal healing work (walk your talk!), and it will enable the good deeds and service to others from that point on to honestly carry nothing but your loving, healing intent.

Laid out flat, the length is just a hair under 22 inches. The turquoise and malachite pendant at the center hangs 2 inches down.