Perception is a choice. There are infinite ways of perceiving any given person or situation. Our mind, however, tends to choose how we perceive things out of habit, which is why we often have a difficult time believing there are other alternatives in terms of understanding what we are coming in contact with. The “eye of the beholder” means that we see life as a reflection of what is inside of us (“as within, so without”). How we think and how we feel are filters in how we perceive everything around us.

This necklace has a Labradorite donut strung with twisted leather and handcrafted spirals at the center, hung from a very solid-weight, hammered sterling silver chain with leather woven through it, ending in back at a large, beautifully twisting hook and eye clasp. Labradorite is a stone of mystery, magic, and transformation. It enhances a person’s innate intuitive abilities on many levels, while helping you to move through multiple layers of reality, and work on multidimensional planes of awareness and existence. For this reason it’s often called “the shaman stone,” and it’s strongly protective to enable safe multidimensional work.

You want to change your life? Start by changing your mind. Choose to perceive on a deeper level than just what meets the eye, and you’ll begin to know the unseen. That’s always closer to the Truth than our immediate (habitual) reaction.

23.5 inch chain, and the central pendant hangs down 3 inches.