The Color of Joy is the first coloring book in a line of inspirational, creative, and humorous products for women. There are 25 beautiful drawings on large 9×12 inch art-tablet-sized pages. With an additional 15 pages of inspirational text accompanying some of the drawings.

Why should kids have all the fun? Coloring is the best-kept secret in stress-reduction out there! And the coloring book is an easy way to tap into the creative energy that we’re made of, even for the most artistically faint-of-heart. There is no artistic skill level required. Playing with color is an immediate and deeply relaxing and meditative activity. Stick a coloring book and a pack of Sharpies® in a desk drawer at work, or keep it at home next to a comfy chair, or put one in the car for the times when you’re stuck somewhere waiting… Take a few minutes a day to sit and relax and color — you’ll feel great after you do!

If you haven’t used coloring books for many years, try it. You’ll be hooked. And feel free to add words, or your own drawing to the picture, or add collage images, paint, crayon, colored pencil, glitter, etc. Color outside the lines! Just have fun. There are no rules…