This is the Air Element bracelet. Starting with the base of a handmade Hill Tribe link bracelet and toggle clasp in fine silver, this bracelet is filled with spectacular, large, faceted high-quality quartz beads, as well as sterling silver mirror balls, and Swarovski crystals that are dynamic in the light. The clear and silver facets capture a cool crisp feel of the wind. But in this particular bracelet, the “air” is layered with the subtle energy of spring. Very pale shades of color are mixed in to bring the feel of the delicate flowers. Like a springtime breeze that carries the sweet scent in the air. The softly-colored stones include rose quartz, amazonite, citrine, moonstone, freshwater pearl, amethyst, and more Swarovski crystals with color. The energy of this bracelet and all the stones included is highly magnified by the quartz crystal! In addition to the sterling mirror balls, there are also sterling silver spirals to represent swirling air currents, and a sterling silver feather at the clasp to bring in the energy of the winged creatures that ride the wind, reminding us to let the currents of life lift and support and guide us on our journey.

This bracelet is an unusual balance of soft/subtle and full/dramatic!

The chain is originally 7.5 inches laid flat, but because it’s so dense with so much attached, it will fit a wrist up to 7 inches or just slightly over.