The flow of life is like the constantly rushing waters of a river or stream. Sometimes you float and the slow current gently carries you. Sometimes you hit fast and rough whitewater rapids, and you get knocked around a bit if you tense up and try to fight the currents. And sometimes you navigate the water by walking on stepping stones that appear just above the water level. It all depends upon what part of the river you happen to be in at the moment. This necklace acknowledges the “stepping stones” – the people or places or events in your life that appear at just the right moment to help you move from one part of your life to the next. Sometimes the next stepping stone isn’t apparent at first; you have to wait a minute for the wind to die down and the current to change. You could look at those “waiting” moments in life as a chance to rest, gather your energy, enjoy the warmth of the sun shining on you. Then at just the perfect time, the next stepping stone appears. It was actually there all along, you just weren’t able to see it until you were ready to take the next step…

The necklace is made of natural blue and green Turquoise. In color it’s a reminder of the flow of water, the flow of life. And the alternating size of the stones represents the various stepping stones that appear to us helping us navigate our path in life. Turquoise is about healing, wholeness, and the integration of all life experiences. It is about accessing the deep wisdom you carry wisdom you. Let this necklace be a reminder that the next stepping stone will always appear at just the right time for your next step. In the meantime, enjoy the day!

Inner strand is 18.25 inches