This stunning necklace is a dramatic STATEMENT piece. This is a necklace to wear when you want to announce yourself walking into a room. “I’m here, everyone.” It will get you noticed.

This necklace is made of vivid, natural green turquoise, onyx, and sterling silver. Turquoise as a healing stone is known as one of the powerful Master Healers. It’s a stone of wisdom, truth, wholeness, and integration of all of your life experience. The green turquoise is said to be especially good at helping to clear blocked self-expression all the way back down the ancestral line to the source. Onyx promotes strength, stamina, self-confidence, self-control, and ease in your surroundings. It also promotes good fortune. Silver carries a gentle but powerful feminine energy and is connected to the energy of the moon.

When it comes to wearing this necklace, shy and retiring wallflowers wanting to remain invisible need not apply…

21.5 inches in length when laid out flat (as a guide, the widest piece of turquoise in the center is 1.75 inches)