Joy to the World happens one person at a time. When you are able to find joy in the little things in your daily life, and in your relationships; when you are able to access and really live in that joyful state of being, that’s what you bring to the world. No matter what other wonderful talents you might possess, that is your real gift, adding more joy to the planet in your own unique way. That is how the planet is healed. It starts with you.

The bracelet contains Carnelian (creativity, vitality, sexuality, and life force energy); Coral (deeply feminine, and connected to the vast power and depths of the ocean); 3 antique African Trade beads circa mid-late 1800’s (bringing in the heart-wisdom of the ancients that have come before you); Czech glass beads, including an anti-evil-eye bead; Swarovski crystal, and leather. It also contains a number of sterling silver beads, spacers and rings, and mirror balls (to remind you that there are many perspectives to any situations, including the ability to access joy in spite of any difficulties you might be facing at the same time). And there are several handmade beads in fine grade silver by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand. At the center of the bracelet is a sterling silver ring that says JOY, next to which is a silver heart, to remind you that the path to joy is always found by following your heart (not the head).

Breathe… sink into your heart, and let that be your guide in life. Remember that whenever you open that heart-space within your self, it opens the wellspring of joy that always resides within you and allows it to flow to the surface.

7 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat!)

There is also an additional hanging ring at the clasp that allows an additional inch in the bracelet size for someone with a larger wrist.