The  Color  of  Joy
The Color of Joy coloring book is the first 
release in a new line of inspirational, creative, 
and humorous products for women. There are 
25 beautiful drawings on large 9x12 inch art 
tablet sized pages. With an additional 15 pages 
of inspirational text accompanying some of 
the drawings. Scroll down to see sample pages.

To see the second book in the line,
Dancing With Life, click here. And to see the 
third book in the line, Wonderland, click here.
Coming soon will be a smaller 6x9 selection
of drawings from all three books for an easier
“travel size” coloring book for the airport...or
doctor’s office waiting room... dull business
meetings...  :)

Why should kids have all the fun? Coloring is 
the best-kept secret in stress-reduction out 
there! And the coloring book is an easy way to 
tap into the creative energy that we’re made of, 
even for the most artistically faint-of-heart. 
There is no artistic skill level required. Playing 
with color is an immediate and deeply relaxing 
and meditative activity. Stick a coloring book 
and a pack of Sharpies® in a desk drawer at 
work, or keep it at home next to a comfy chair, 
or put one in the car for the times when you’re 
stuck somewhere waiting... Take a few minutes 
a day to sit and relax and color -- you’ll feel great after you do! 

You probably haven’t thought of using coloring  books for many years, but try it. You’ll be hooked! And feel free to add words, or your own drawing to the picture, or add collage images, paint, crayon, colored pencil, glitter, etc. Color outside the lines! Just have fun. There are no rules...Dancing_With_Life_coloring_book.htmlWonderland_coloring_book.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Hurry! Order your book! You COULD be coloring right now!

Any questions, please contact Allyson at

My best feature?...

She thought for a moment.

It would have to be

where my body

and my soul meet.

It’s so soft there.

Like an exhale.

They had it all wrong about Medusa, 
she thought. It wasn’t that they turned to stone because they looked at her. 
It was just that when they got 
a glimpse of her fire and passion, 
and of how totally and electrically 
ALIVE she was, 
they finally felt how much like stone 
they were already being in the world 
in comparison.

$23.99 plus tax and shipping

She had lost so many pieces

of herself through the years,

that sometimes she thought

she would never be whole again.

But as she reclaimed them,

piece by piece,

and put herself back together,

the beauty of the tapestry

that was created enveloped her

like a deep and familiar embrace.

On her 50th birthday,
she woke up to find that the door leading out of her bedroom
led to "Oh-What-The-Hell" Land.
It did take her 3 days
to gather the courage 
to leave her room,
but once she did,
she never looked back.

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