The effects of Crystals
on the human body
History of Crystal Healing

The use of crystals in healing has been used through out all history of man. In Egypt, it was used by the ancient pharaohs, Cleopatra and Mentuhotep. Certain American Indian tribes like the Mayans established diagnostics and treated certain diseases with crystals. The Egyptian method was known in the Middle East and in Africa. Many healers from different nations came to Egypt to learn this powerful way of healing. This therapy has been recorded as far back as 3,000 BC. There is much information on crystal healing mentioned on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The use of crystals and minerals has been mentioned more than 200 times in the Bible.

How are Crystals able to connect to our energy field?

Crystals are composed of atoms, the building blocks of protons, neutrons and electrons that float freely. The atom in the crystal lose both (cat ions, positively charged ions) or gain (anions, negatively charged ions) that allows it to enhance the energy of anything surrounding or associated with it. When the crystal is not being bonded to anything, these electrons will arrange themselves into a set pattern when the crystal is at rest. As soon as it is moved or touched by  other sources containing an electrical energy , the free-floating electrons are stimulated and start charging around the crystals field. The crystal will then try to rearrange itself in order of strict energy pattern, because of the electrical energy expanded during this process, the one in contact will also receive the crystals’ attempt to order.   

The human body, on an energetic level is an arrangement of liquid crystalline and mineral structure making up the crystal system, as well as an electro-magnetic energy field; hence able us to connect to crystals and minerals. The crystal system forms the bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body. Cells communicate both electro-magnetically and chemically and create biochemical pathways that interconnect with all functions of the body. When disease is present, these crystal systems become unstructured, or distorted. They don’t function in a normal pattern. Research Scientist, Marcel Vogel states that a crystal is able to transmit energy in a form that has discreet biological effects. This is most like a resonance effect. In other words, it tunes into our biological crystal structures by using the crystal to reconstruct it. 

Another interesting aspect of a crystal is its structures meet a continuous vibration. All crystal and mineral specimens vibrate at different rates depending on their chemical compositions, which enables them to communicate with different areas of our body by reconstructing internal crystallized patterns and suppressing blockages in our energy field. Its energy field does not change as drastically as our energy fields do which is why it is able to establish balance and increase energy. Crystal healing helps us combat numerous illnesses and is excellent for aiding against mental and emotional troubles by strengthening our inner growth and reducing stress.  

Scientific Research

Crystals are formed slowly, deep beneath the surface of the planet. It is through volcanic activity that we obtain these precious tools. Geologists have been able to piece together a record of the earth’s history, reaching back to the very formation of the planet more than 4.5 million years ago. 

The three best-known qualities of quartz are its piezoelectric effects discovered by Pierre and Jacque Curie in 1880 (when electricity and light are produced by compression) and pyro-electric effects discovered in 1824, is able to perform only when there are piezoelectric effects. (the quality of an electrified state or polarity, which is produced by, and changes with, variation in temperature and sound) as well as timing capacity. It has been discovered that an electrical current can be induced by mechanically squeezing a piece of crystal. You can actually see these effects when you strike one end of the quartz crystal point with a hammer, this will cause an electrical spark to appear. Quartz crystals are often used for regulating timing speeds in electrical appliances. They have the capacity to vibrate in a regular, consistent and harmonious pattern therefore provide accurate transmission. Without quartz crystals, we would not have the internal clock speed ability inside computers, flat screen monitors created by liquid quartz, electronic office equipment such as credit card and fax machines, microwave timing controls, radios, and other time saving devices including Quartz or Ruby watches.

Baron Von Reichenbach, a European scientist in 1854, has done a tremendous amount of research on the unseen properties of magnets and crystals. He found that all crystals exhibit the presence of the 'od force' or life force, with or without the presence of mechanically producing electricity.

Harry Oldfield, a trained British biologist who has invented the Polycontrast Interference Photography device which captures changing patterns of light energy emanating from all things, he explains his profound discovery: "While PIP-scanning various crystals, I discovered that about 10 percent of them have undulating within, on or about them a previously-unknown life form, a creature with its own aura." Oldfield states that other researchers have confirmed the same phenomenon. 

In the groundbreaking book by Richard Gerber M.D., Vibrational Medicine, the author states: "Each human being is organized by an interweaving of many bodies at different vibration frequencies. When one uses natural quartz crystals to heal the body, energy transference occurs partly because of the resonance effect between the quartz crystal and our cellular crystal systems with quartz-like properties. When healing energy is focused through the quartz crystal, it is sent into the body of the patient and distributed to the areas most in need of an energy balancing. There is almost an innate intelligence to this focused energy as it is directing itself to areas of need. Crystals are those substances which alter the geometrical pattern of frequencies." 

Marcel Vogel was a PH.D research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility for 27 years. He invented over 100 very useful patented inventions in his name. In 1985, Marcel retired and created his own laboratory called Psychic Research, Inc. This group focused on the study of subtle energies that radiate from the body of living forms. Among his experiments were the measurement of energy fields around a crystal and the therapeutic applications of crystals and crystal devices using several machines including the omega 5 machine. 

During one of his experiments Marcel witnessed and photographed the precipitation of light into crystal in his IBM laboratory under a microscope while viewing its growth for an hour of gazing with a thought. During another experiment of liquid crystal, Marcel noticed that before the melt went into liquid crystal state, a blue flash of light took place then the sample turned into liquid crystal state. He has proven that by placing a quartz crystal in the water will changes the PH balance of the water and has fewer impurities. By survey, the quartz water tastes better. 

He has done numerous experiments with plants and crystals and found that by placing a crystal in the plants potting soil helps the plant grow faster and combats against plant diseases. He came to conclude that crystals have the ability to store, amplify, and transfer information and believes that forming a thought to direct a specific energy through the crystal aides in healing because crystals as plants communicate with our thoughts or our intentions as a particular crystal can hold memory in electronic equipment they can also hold memory in thought as thought is energy and so is intention. He found that some crystals hold high fundamental fields, retaining information while synthetic quartz was found to have no field. The ability of crystals to store information is widely known. For more detailed information about the life of Marcel Vogel and his experiments with crystals, please note the reference at the bottom of this page.

Kirlian photography, discovered by inventors Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in 1939, has shown that holding a quartz crystal at least doubles the etheric fields of ones body.  A Crystal is known to carry and radiate all light spectrums.

The Mineral Kingdom and its interaction with Humanity and Animals

Scientists have found some interesting connections from the earth’s magnetic field in relation to our fields. The earths crust is mainly composed of minerals. Each mineral has a chemical composition, and characteristics of crystalline structure. A mineral may be a single element such as gold or copper or several other elements or compounds to form different specimens and rocks. Crystals however, are also minerals but with a strict order of geometry called the crystal lattice. 

Almost all creatures have the ability to use the earths electromagnetism to sense they’re path of direction.  Walcott and Green found a tiny magnetic deposit in a 1 by 2-millimeter piece of tissue, on the right side of a pigeon’s head. That deposit contained yellow crystals of iron protein known as ferric oxide that occurs naturally in the Hematite mineral, indicating that pigeons were able to detect their travel arrangements with their own magnetic crystals. They found this magnetic tissue in many other animals that travel. This crystal is their inner compass. Research on humans had been done to detect if we have dowsing abilities by several scientists particularly my favorite was Michael Walker, a Zoologist at the University of Hawaii, who discovered that there are magnetite crystals inside the ethmoid sinus area from which nerve endings entered the magnetic tissue. These crystals were organized in chains. Each crystal was fixed in place but free to rotate slightly in response to external magnetic forces. Calculations were done to show that the magnetite chains would be able to sense the earth’s magnetic field with an accuracy of a few seconds by a few hundred feet of the surface position. They believe that this organ transmits the bio-cycle timing cues from the earth field’s micro-pulsations to the pineal gland. Our dowsing or internal compass abilities are located in the pineal, pituitary, and adrenal glands and are mainly controlled by these crystalline substances to connect us to the electromagnetic waves radiating from the Earths crust. These are just a few examples that indicate that our bodies actually do contain crystallized masses that generate our health and survival on earth.

-Research compiled by Penelope A. Bateman



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