THe benefits of coloring

Unleash Creativity and Reduce Stress with Adult Coloring

Remember the feeling you had as a child, cracking open a fresh coloring book armed with crayons, markers and paints in every color under the rainbow? Revisiting your favorite pastime is now the solution to a more stress-free adult lifestyle.

Adult coloring offers several benefits including:

Stress Reduction/Meditation Coloring allows you to connect with your inner-child and offers a sense of simplicity and freedom. Viewing colors elicits emotional reaction and the physical motion of coloring helps quiet the mind and maintain focus.

Removing Boundaries

Adult coloring provides the opportunity to go ‘outside the lines.’ There are no rules, boundaries or limitations to your coloring experience – you are free to color in or out of the lines, draw in the margins, or write freely on the page.

Overcoming Fear of Creativity

Many of us feel that we are not ‘creative’ or ‘artistically-inclined.’ Adult coloring provides the opportunity to create without judgment. And because you don't have to create the picture from scratch, it easy for anyone at any skill level to dive in and have fun.


Coloring is a proven technique to soothe terminally-ill and mentally-ill patients. It’s also a proven method to help quit smoking, by keeping your hands busy and providing focus.

Professional Benefits

Coloring helps professionals unleash creativity in the workplace. It’s common to hit a block while working on a project. By letting go of the intense focus required while working on a task, coloring allows the brain to go into a slower alpha brainwave state which occurs during any kind of light meditation. This creates space mentally/creatively for a change in perspective, and for new ideas to rush in without effort.


The coloring books on this site resonate with Women’s Life Experiences. The Color of Joy, Dancing With Life, and Wonderland coloring books offer an easy way to tap into creative energy. The books were created by Allyson Rice, owner of Allyson Wonderland, and founder and director of The Total Human retreats and workshops, who discovered that coloring was an excellent ice breaker by helping attendees relax and unwind. The coloring books were inspired by women’s issues that arose during her Sedona Women’s Retreats. They feature humorous and profound drawings, with accompanying all-original, enlightening quotes that women feel were ‘written just for them,’ and that take the experience of coloring to a deeper level.